About Us

What this company stands for is so intertwined with our audience, you, that it is difficult to talk about us without talking about those for whom the software is built.

In essence, it is helping those who help so many.

From the years spent building software in many different areas within social services, three things are clear and form our mission. You want software that:

  • is intuitive and easy to learn
  • helps you in your daily lives
  • will not cause budgeting problems to purchase

We offer easy to use software at a reasonable cost so that both large and small organizations can share the same benefit. Our software tools help you serve your clients better.

Benefits to you and your organization

  • Manage all of your related information easily and in one place
  • Access the system from anywhere you can access the internet
  • Use this system for a fraction of what it would cost to build yourself
  • Minimize new staff training
  • Reduce load on your staff and perhaps re-allocate human resources
  • Standardize procedures
  • Reduce phone calls
  • Raise awareness of your service for the community
  • Build enormous goodwill with your community