Action Navigation System

Adult Care Home Monitoring and Managementaction1

Action Navigation Systems can save hours per week in monitoring and managing assisted living facilities.

You receive inquiries from consumers, town officials, Ombudsman, state facilities staff and staff within their own organization. You have reporting and investigative deadlines and commitments. You consult and make recommendations to facility owners and administrators. There is a lot to do.

Action Navigation Systems is a turn-key solution. All you have to do in order to use it, is sign up and log in. Imagine going from a compass to Global Positioning Systems and you get the idea of where our system places you.

"The website has been invaluable in helping staff prioritize and organize their work. Consumers now have the information they need to make placement decisions on their own, greatly reducing reliance on agency staff to help them. The website has been received with a resounding "thank you" from individuals across our community."

- Gail Holden, Director of Senior and Adult Services, Wake County Human Services. (-early version)
Your staff can...

  • Track Facilities and Owners as well as their actions
    (Complaints, Corrective Actions, Sanctions, ...)
  • Look up rules quickly for Adult & Family Care Homes
  • Process your work similar to your specialist-to-supervisor approval process
  • Easily see which items need your attention by color-coded actions
  • Readily identify approaching deadlines
  • Research historical facility ownership and actions
  • View management reports including statistics and metrics
  • Share data with your community allowing them to research facilities on their own using the community component of the Action Navigation System


Benefits to your staff

  • Save time and money by centrally tracking and sharing facility information and actions
  • Reduce call volume and save staff time by allowing consumers, officials and other departments to view information
  • Accurately track investigative deadlines and requirements quickly and easily
  • Manage these activities from anywhere you can access the internet


Your community can...

  • Search and browse all facilities monitored by your county
  • Research past facility ownership
  • Review complaints, corrective actions reports, negative sanctions
  • As well as Community Advisory Committee reports, Monitoring reports and Reports of Survey
  • Monitor a facility's progress


Benefits to your community

When it's time for someone in your community to place a loved one in a care facility, they often are not aware of publicly available information that might help in that difficult decision. Using Action Navigation Systems, county citizens are greatly assisted in this regard.

They will find a wealth of information that will:

  • Empower them to research facilities at their convenience
  • Allow them to search for homes that meet their criteria. For example; they might search homes that are licensed for Alzheimer's and accept Medicaid
  • Select and compare two facilities side by side
  • Track a facility's performance


Work-flow process - Supervisor to Staff

  • There are several types of users and each see only what they have access to
  • Each user type has their own "work bin" which identifies items for which they are responsible and needs to be done
  • In the picture above, you see what an administrator might see when they login. It lets them immediately see what needs their attention


About the software

Our system has an Administrative component and a Community component.

  • Using the Administrative component you will electronically track actions and information associated with all of your Adult Care facilities
  • With the Community component, you can share certain data with the community allowing them and other users to research your public information regarding facilities.

Because the software is internet-based, there is:

  • No software to install or administer
  • Little impact to your IT infrastructure
  • Always have the most current version
  • A low entry cost providing a rapid return on investment