Migrate to the Cloud

As an Amazon AWS Technical Partner, Action Navigation Systems offera top tier capabilities.

Powered by AWS Cloud Computing

Action navigation Systems can architect a system that is:

  • Self-healing - if a server drive goes down, another automatically spins up to take its place with the same configuration and software installed, updated with your latest code
  • Elastic and Scalable - As demand changes, time-based or user-demand, instances (servers) are automatically added or removed as needed, saving you money
  • Highly Available - If your only data center goes down, what do you do? We can architect a system that spans multiple data center and regions with automatic rollover to ensure your system is highly available

Do you need a system with:

  • Infrastructure As Code - Use AWS CloudFormation and Ansible to construct your infrastructure in a coded template and version control it. Use that repeatable infrastructure for different environments. For example, create an infrastructure (a virtual data center) for your test environment that is identical to your production environment. It's all coded and can be brought online quickly and disposed of just as easily when you no longer need it - saving you money.
  • Version control your infrastructure - Test different network and server configurations and rollback as needed

Explore how these might help your system, applications, and storage:

  • EC2 (Elastic cloud compute), VPC (Virtual private cloud), Elastic Load Balancer, Route53 DNS
  • RDS (Managed database services including Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL, and PostgreSQL)
  • S3 storage with 99.999999999% durability and 99.99% availability
  • Glacier (long-term storage which can have automated lifecycle policies built in to S3)
  • CloudFormation (Scripted and repeatable infrastructure spin-up)
  • CloudFront - A CDN for low-latency delivery of static files
  • IAM - AWS' access control to all AWS resources

With years of Software as a Service (SaaS) experience, Action Navigation will help you migrate your current applications to the Cloud.

Contact us today for expertise in testing and migrating to the Cloud.