Software Paradigm

How it works

Once you sign up for the service(s) you would like to use, you will be assigned a user ID and password. You then log in and start using it. It really is that easy. Documentation is available online. Training is offered as well as technical support.

SaaS Software Model

The software uses a Software As A Service (SaaS) delivery model. This simply means the software is installed on one server (on the internet) and every subscriber accesses it on the same server. The benefits of this model are numerous, including:

  • No software for you to install, administer or support
  • Low entry cost
  • Rapid return on investment (ROI)
  • Little impact to your IT infrastructure
  • Always have the most current software and documentation
  • Use this system for a fraction of what it would cost to build it yourself

Data Center

The software is hosted in a data center to ensure the greatest reliability and availability. This data center features:

  • UPS and diesel generators for power backup
  • Fire suppression system
  • Experienced 99.5% Server Uptime
  • Uninterruptible power supply
  • Direct connections to Cogent’s multinational IP network


Benefits to you and your organization

  • Manage all of your related information easily and in one place
  • Access the system from anywhere you can access the internet
  • Use this system for a fraction of what it would cost to build yourself
  • Minimize new staff training
  • Reduce load on your staff and perhaps re-allocate human resources
  • Standardize procedures
  • Reduce phone calls
  • Raise awareness of your service for the community
  • Build enormous goodwill with your community

SaaS Offerings

Training Management System

Designed for training managers, Course Navigation System puts course administrators in the drivers seat. Easily manage all your training requirements and coordination.

  • Easily manage courses, rooms, instructors and students
  • Define a learning plan for your students and track their progress
  • Students can search for and enroll in classes
  • Even take daily attendance

Purchasing Navigation System

Our newest offering, Purchase Navigation System tracks all of your purchasing activities. The system tracks the progress of all requests for both users and administrators.

  • Users easily request items online can track their order’s status
  • Purchasing administrators order and track the items from order approval to delivery and closing the request
  • Reporting functions allow you to generate reports by charge code, dates, and status

Resume Navigation System

With Resume Navigation System, you will help match those wanting a job with those offering jobs. This is a perfect add-on to your JobLink services and centers.

  • Job seekers post their resumes and search job listings
  • Companies with jobs to offer can post those jobs as well as search resumes
  • Administrators approve companies before they can access the system
  • Adds tremendous community value with very little work on your part

Action Navigation System

As our flagship offering, Action Navigation System offers your Adult Care Home specialists and supervisors a remarkable increase in efficiency and time-savings.

  • Look up rules automatically
  • Automates the complaint work-flow process
  • Staff and supervisors have “work-bins” which allows each to find items needing their attention

Training Management System
Training Navigation System allows training managers to easily manage classes they teach or manage.

It is built to allow training managers, instructors and students to intuitively manage their courses. Users will find simple menus and intuitive design that can be easily accessed from anywhere they can access the internet


Training Managers

  • Manage training rooms, vendor courses, instructors and students in one place
  • Define learning paths – courses every employee must complete in certain job roles – and track their progress
  • View student and instructor transcripts and training hours
  • Register and enroll students
  • Export student lists
  • Record and track class attendance


Benefits to Training Managers

  • Track and monitor all activities in one place
  • Save time reporting on student and instructor training hours completed and plan progress
  • If you choose, enrolled students are automatically notified of changes you make
  • Manage the entire process from anywhere you can access the internet



  • Search for classes
  • Browse all class offerings
  • Enroll or drop classes
  • Monitor your class schedule


Course Instructors

  • Check current and upcoming classes they will teach
  • Mark Attendance for their classes
  • Update their record


Start Using It Now

  • Sign up
  • Add a building and room
  • Add an instructor
  • Add a class
  • Add a section
  • That’s it! Students are now able to enroll in that section

Purchase Navigation System
purchase2Purchase tracking system allows employees to enter purchase requests and you to fill and track those orders.

Requests are categorized and tracked using reporting functions which make it easy to stay current with budget comparisons.

View standard reports or an advanced search based on date, personnel and status.

Employ the benefits of the shift in web-based, mobile-first software. Enjoy this software whenever and from wherever you happen to be for for an amazingly low introductory price.


Typical Users:

Purchasing Administrator

  • Order on your own or someone’s behalf
  • Track orders from approval to delivery and closing the request
  • Reporting functions allow you to generate reports by charge code, dates, and status


  • Easily request items online
  • Track their order’s status
  • No more trying to find forms – it’s all online



  • Categorized requests make tracking running totals against a budget is easy
  • Can be accessed from anywhere online allowing users to update and track requests all the time
  • Save time and paper re-entering orders or finding paper forms